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Nailing Wood

Images + Post By: | April 11, 20126 Comments

Wood grain became a permanent part of my adult aesthetic with the Celine AW11 collection. The literalness of the allover print was both cunning and luxurious; it was a though the model was peering out at you from inside the doorway of a handsome and dim study filled with the finest literature. Sometimes fashion is about time, and sometimes it is about place. Wearing such an elemental building material as wood lends a sense of architecture to any look: a visual cue for well constructed; fine. Even a year later (forever in fashion), Celine’s object lesson has stayed with me: wood is good.

Accessories are a perfect way to build wood into your wardrobe. In order to prevent looking like a hippy or a tourist, wear wood in strong geometric shapes.  In order to avoid looking like a 90s country/pop crossover video vixen, never wear wood soled sandals. Here are some sturdy choices:

This all wood watch from We Wood is as ingenious as it is gorgeous. An understated statement time piece. “Is that…wood?” Looks and feels smooth; no splinters here.

I like these Proof sunglasses because they show a softer side of wood. These frames are femme with a rugged woodsy edge.

This is probably the most beautiful bracelet in the entire world, featuring two luxe layers of wood grain. This is what I meant when I said fashion is about place; this cuff looks like a hotel suite where you had the best night of your young life. Since I can’t afford to stay there, I visit regularly on the internet here.

These Helveta Vyotlag rings definitely read like wearable art, and they should as Vyotlag was a sculptor for twenty years before she started designing jewelery. They come in infinity colors, but my favorite are the more natural wood looks.  Highly customizeable and collectable. As large as they are, they’re easy to wear.  Almost too easy; these rings are a visually stunning accessory that will avante garde an ordinary outfit.