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Images + Post By: | December 21, 2011No Comment

Dolce & Gabbana is releasing their first ever jewelry collection and it has all the elements of Italian opulence: black sapphires, mixed metals, and Virgin Mary medals.  Like any good Catholic girl, I have a highly developed Madonna/whore aesthetic/complex.  And from what I’ve seen so far of the 80 piece collection, it has enough eroticism, devoutness, and divine glamour to bring me to my knees.

As a point of fact, my confirmation name is Madonna.  Now of course my post-Catholic stage name is Madge. I have always been obsessed with the Virgin Mary’s image, more so than her religious significance. Even without the immaculate hype, I like to think of her as a mysterious miraculous bad bitch.  She was always pristinely styled in paintings.  And that profile—damn she could POSE.  She was full of grace, so she could probably walk good in heels if she had any.  And after all, the Madonna was the original Madonna. Ooh—It just occurred to me my confirmation gift was a charm bracelet with a Virgin Mary medal! I should look for that…it’s so on trend.