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Nostalgia In Vogue

Images + Post By: | October 12, 2011One Comment

Vogue’s iconic presence in the world of fashion is now part of the fabric of American culture.  Since 2000, the magazine has published a column titled “Nostalgia,” enlisting a fascinating array of celebrated public figures to choose a photograph from Vogue’s archives, then write about the memory it evokes from the time in their lives when it was first published. The range of topics is vast, and NOSTALGIA IN VOGUE celebrates the often-poignant essays that have been engrossing Vogue readers for more than a decade. More after the jump…..

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Sixty-three essays by such contributors as Joan Didion, Margaret Atwood, Patti Smith, Edmund White, Karl Lagerfeld, Carly Simon, Manolo Blahnik, Ann Packer, Anjelica Huston, Joyce Carol Oates, and A. M. Homes, paired with images by legendary photographers including Henry Clarke, Irving Penn, Richard Avedon, Horst P. Horst, and Henri Cartier-Bresson, make this volume a fascinating read as well as a visual treat.


Writing on themes ranging from fashion, art, film, and music to childhood, work, and love, these authors, designers, models, and celebrities share coming-of-age stories that reveal how a particular image changed the course of their lives, while others remember old friends and familiar haunts captured on the magazine’s pages.


A Richard Avedon photograph of Faye Dunaway published in 1973 reminds writer Paul Greenberg of his stylish and impulsive mother who lived life like one of the actress’s defiant heroines. George Plimpton recalls the striped tie worn to a 1971 Irving Penn shoot of gamblers, brawlers, and Pulitzer Prize–winning writers who put Elaine’s on the map as New York City’s most famous late-night literary hangout. Through a 1980 Annie Leibovitz photograph of writer/director Robert Benton, Meryl Streep, and Dustin Hoffman, John Burnham Schwartz recalls the summer when his parents’ divorce—through family friend Hoffman’s shrewd tenacity—became fodder for Kramer vs. Kramer, a film that won Oscars for all three subjects in the photo.


Whether told from the point of view of a budding movie star or a seasoned novelist, each entry offers a slice of life sharply evocative of time and place. Reaching across generations of readers, NOSTALGIA IN VOGUE will be treasured by the coterie of the column’s fans who turn to it as soon as they get a new issue of Vogue, as well as by any reader with an appreciation of excellent writing and extraordinary photography.


ABOUT THE AUTHORS: Eve MacSweeney is Features Director of Vogue. Anna Wintour has been the Editor in Chief of Vogue since 1988.


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