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Hand Eye Coordination

Images + Post By: | October 12, 2011No Comment

Awhile back my boyfriend brought me to visit the Cambridge Antique Mall. A beautiful orange Lucite bracelet caught my eye amidst infinity vintage baubles and I thought, “This is very now and must have.” And then I thought about how I must have gas in my car and had so many bills that were due very now.  So I put it back.  I am here to report I have non-buyer’s remorse.

As it turns out, bracelets are having a moment right now.  They were all over Paris. My remorse took a turn for the worse when I saw the Balenciaga show and none other than orange Lucite-looking bracelets were all over those bitches’ wrists.

There are two morals to this story. First and foremost: trust your eye. Your style has instincts, just like any other highly developed sense. Secondly: bracelets.  In fact, they have been a secondary accessory to me, not in small part because I have tattoos on both arms.  I’ve seen bracelets be old lady or overstyled. However, for right now they are the exact right thing to bring zeal to long sleeves and intrigue to solids. My specific interest is Lucite and Bakelite vintage styles: solid, shapely, smooth, and sizeable. Put it on me!

Balenciaga wasn’t the only label with wrist action. Hermès really hammered home how important it is for me to go grocery shopping instead of eating out all the time so I can buy on-trend accessories before everyone else. The show featured big stacks of bangles in wood and orange. The arms were better than most of the outfits.

Balmain had bracelets too. These are beautiful:

There were a few too many bracelets at Giambattista Valli. Her forearm looks like a sales rack. Well actually, it is.  But you get my point. Bracelets.

I’m drawn to Balenciaga-like vintage-looking lucite bracelets because I think they will bring feminine flare to winter’s buttoned up blouses and color to the season’s darker palette. I suggest orange, cream, goldenrod, fuschia, light blue. Here are some choice examples from Etsy:

Givenchy in Orange

Orange and Cream cuff