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Blushing for Blogue

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Hello! I’m Madge of Honor, Boston fashion ambassador to Blogue. I’m a burlesque/drag performer, and longtime lover/wearer of the CLAW$$$ label.  For my first post, I thought I would begin with my absolute all-time favorite accessory: BLUSH. Ordinarily eyes get all the shine and blush is subtle matter of practicality. But ordinary is boring. Blush doesn’t have to blend into the background or whisper sweet nothings (gag). I prefer mine to be bold and brash. Right now I’m using the intensely pigmented Illamasqua Powder Blushers, which they offer in a range of summer colors.

My color is a brilliant coral called “Excite.” That’s the most boring name in the line, but it pairs well with the beiges, dusty pinks, and purples I’ve been into lately. Electrified peach also livens up charcoal and navy. The Fall Fashion previews are showcasing bold colors and psychedelic furs, so consider a standout cheek with a more minimal lip and eye in the coming season.

Illamasqua’s tagline is “make up for your alter ego,” and as a professional ego-alternator I appreciate that. But I use this blush on and off stage. The brand considers their products to be “nighttime” make up, and while I’m a hard ass about day vs. night dressing (more on that later) there’s no reason an amplified cheek can’t be worn at any hour. Ripe dewy cheeks in the AM; brazen highlighted bones in the PM.

The applicator blushes sold inside over-the-counter blushes don’t cut it. For a softer look, use a large fluffy round brush on the apple of the cheek. You can also create a more severe look by applying the blush with a large contouring brush across the cheek from the bone or hairline. In this way your blush look can be tough and angular, even a little masculine. Take care how much powder is on the brush, and blend with fingers out if necessary. Blush is a timeless staple, and throwing bold colors into rotation prevents blandness.

So hussies, spread it on!



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