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The Wrap Up – Trends of 2010

Images + Post By: | December 15, 2010One Comment

2010 has been a roller coaster year. One of the biggest UPS was the rescue of the 33 Chilean miners that were trapped for 2 months. Upon their release Oakley hooked them up with these cop shades and spent 6k (at retail, not cost) on 10 million dollars worth of publicity.  And DOWNS, like the loss of one of fashions most innovative voices, Alexander McQueen to suicide. Also JD Salinger’s death was tragic (c’mon, you know you had a thing for Holden Caulfield). But also Alexa Chung has stepped into the trendsetter spotlight this year, bringing platforms with socks along for the ride. And The Jersey Shore cast has kept their momentum for another year, keeping us well versed in all things guido.  But who could more deeply epitomize the twists and turns that 2010 has thrown us, than the cast of the Golden Girls? Jump it!

Betty White has had an amazing comeback this year, from numerous commercials to guest appearance’s on tons of TV shows. Never leave us again Rose…

…R.I.P. Rue McClanahan, forever in our hearts and on our DVR.

The pastel nail. Particularly in shades of rose, lavender and Tiffany blue, all expertly provided by Essie.

Dark lipstick, expertly provided by everyone.

The middle part and…

…and blonde beauty Ambassador Lara Stone. Which, of course, brings us to…

…gap teeth and…

bleached eyebrows – and their big, bad sister……

…dark eyebrows.

Maxi skirts made it in a big way around NYC, along with these comfy cool retro treasures…

…the granny boot and her cool girl friend…

the CLOG

Jeggings . You have ‘em, we have ‘em, a 2010 wardrobe staple fo sho and perfect when having to bend to vomit from…

Four Loko which was banned for sale this month in NYC. So I guess we have to stay in and watch….

January Jones and everyone’s Mad Men obsession.

Unless of course, you’re into Boardwalk Empire…

all that hair grease reminds us of  Rockabilly. Switching it up to -

Inner wear as outerwear- brought to us most expertly by Wang, along with this recurring theme…

…NO PANTS. Respect it. But don’t do it.


Military, and it’s ever faithful companion…

Cargo pants – especially J Brand’s

Even Camo made a comeback

as did 70′s inspired everything

including Halston-esque goddess dresses

and return of the fringe bag

And round sunnies

The 80′s may have finally been dethroned in the world of fashion, but the drop-crotch pant remained on top…

…as did the celebrity FEDORA craze – ewww

And the Teen Mom obsession

AND, Bieber Fever. DON’T DENY IT, We have it too.

Retro man was all over town…

In his snazzy wingtips

In of course his chambray shirts

so was chic schoolgirl

and Shearlings!

and Camel colored everything……

duh, Avatar blue !

Which brought in the futuristic warrior cave woman

Can’t forget pixies….

Or high buns

Leopard had us seeing spots – but as everyone knows – these are really nothing new.

What did we forget?

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