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France Trying To Hold Back Muslim Fashion

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Last Tuesday French legislators moved to put a ban on full facial veils- like those worn by Muslim women, in government offices, public hospitals and mass transit. Thought Parliament remained divided on the issue, a panel is working toward a full ban on veils in all public areas. They argue the veils are an extremist practice which goes against all France stands for, including gender equality. What is more oppressive the veils or the government not allowing them?

France has the largest Muslim population in the Western World and several thousand women in France wear Burqa-style garments with a “niqab,” that hides their face. Muslims argue that the bill works to stigmatize and discriminate against Muslims. We agree. Though forcing women to cover their faces and bodies is a very controversial practice it’s worse to make them choose between renouncing their culture and going out in public.  The AP reports that “numerous experts have noted that a 2004 law banning the Muslim headscarf and other “ostentatious” religious signs in primary and secondary schools has pushed some young girls out of school and contributed to the founding of private Muslim schools.” We can only imagine that banning veils in public will only further insulate Muslim women from the rest of France making it even harder for them to learn about other ways of life.

Via: The New York Times

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