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OTK…. Over It or Into It?

Images + Post By: | November 3, 20097 Comments


The legs of some of the biggest celebs and fashionistas are all tucked into Over The Knee Boots, are yours? We are feeling them- especially flats or pairs with clever details. The Prada numbers above are pretty righteous wading boots, complete with waist straps. For more wearable pairs check after the jump….



Picture 1

Opening Ceremony

Picture 3

Bettye  Muller

Picture 4


Picture 5


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  • Hannnnerzzzzz said:

    Those Prada boots are wack, fly fishers have been wearing them for years and as soon as a Prada label is slapped on they become fashion…

  • Stella said:

    Into it!!!! I’m on a hunt for ones I can afford and that truly do go and stay above knee. Those Prada ones are not flattering at all though.

  • claw dillz said:

    @Hannnnerrrrzzzz – omg I love them!!!

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