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Why Guys Buy Fakes (and Girls Don’t!)

Images + Post By: | May 29, 20093 Comments


Our homie Lori of Female Sneaker Fiend writes an article why MOSTLY guys buy bootleg sneakers and girls do don’t – duhhh Lori, because girls are way SMARTER! Ha….. More after the jump….beyond_fake

Why Guys Buy Fakes – Reason #1: Ego
Guys think they’re too smart to get tricked, too much of a true sneakerhead to fall for even a well-detailed fake. Same reason they fall for other “fakes”, right girls? But back to sneakers and egos. In a Sneaker Freaker interview, Richard Stanwix, Head of Brand Security for Nike, estimated that up to 98% of shoes at any given time are fakes. So it is sheer ego to think that YOU know better, (and everyone else is a dork.)  At one point or another, guys, you’re gonna get faked, especially if you shop online.  And you know when we’re going to find out? When you’re telling some female sneaker fiend that she probably got her very legit kicks from her boyfriend, and she points out to everybody that your “Invisible Jordans” are beyond fake!

More pics and fake reasoning here.

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  • AMEGO1 said:

    please…the real guys know a matte finish compared to a gloss..real sneaker G’s have the understanding where and when to shop…The sneaker game is not for everyone…fake or not, the clothes don’t make the person.

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