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Oh Behave! Missbehave Magazine (ok, Blog) Gone….

Images + Post By: | May 20, 200936 Comments


Once upon a relatively recent time there lived an aspiring graffiti writer and fashionista, wanting to leave her imprint on the world. Nothing wrong with that – right?  In fact, we’re all about it. But unfortunately she didn’t actually write, and  initial foray into the fashion biz, a clothing store called Missbehave, didn’t do so hot either. With one door closing, she wanted to open another, and decided she needed her very own magazine to address “gear” and “not being a feminist”. Sadly, there’s no fairytale media ending for this one.

So yanking a few strings, her mini-mogul hubby, founder of the classic, but now defunct graffiti and lifestyle rag Mass Appeal, awarded her her very own magazine, Missbehave. It started off with a lot of potential, but turned out barely ten issues in a  total of roughly 6 years. Truly though, in concept the idea was good: a motley girl gang (of wannabes, but still) aspiring to market it as the sister mag to Mass Appeal. The aim was modern day Sassy , yet with a “downtown” hipster slant. Alas, one of the main problems ended up being the staff’s horribly stunted taste level, (think 30 year olds in Hello Kitty earmuffs and knee socks with hearts on them.)  And so, the mag never really addressed anything particularly relevant to young women and girls.  At least anything that should be relevant.

Times they are a changing for us, ladies.  Beyond tired street-wear editorial, bits on “How to Ménage”, addiction justification blurbs, and clueless bastardizing stabs at new-agey post-fem empowerment like “In Defense of the Porno Blowjob”, Missbehave, much like their emaciated demographic, had little to grab on to, other than their cutting edge cover personalities. Then someone up there had a genuine epiphany (while cutting up lines on an autographed glossy of Jane Pratt,) and promptly hired internet sensation Sarah Morrison.   Boo-ya!!!  Practically overnight, the blog became more entertaining and funny. But soon eneough said hirer crashed hard and had no Xanax left for the comedown…  Next scene:  Sarah is fired due to recessional cutbacks. (Mmmm-kay!)  OK! So, then they hired It-Girl  Lesley Arfin to pick up the pieces as Editor in Chief. And, with her fabulous writing style and A-list friend posse, we thought Missbehave may finally be on the Money. But shortly after Ms. Arfin’s appointment, the magazine went broke and was forced to stop the presses.  Therefore,  by default, they were left to focus on their (surprisingly popular, but admittedly still pretty good looking) Missbehave blog. Staffing a fun team of writers such as Fat Jew and Baby Sinead, the site seemed like it was starting to roll. Smooth move you might say… but “poof” before you could say “That’s so ill!” Lesley was gone and today we’ve come to find out- via a link to this other blog on Twitter, that  Missbehave is completely kaput. And we have a feeling, due to the angry comments, that we’re all finding out simultaneously; in other words, this might also have been the Missbehave staff’s official notification as well. Firing people on Twitter? What next? This may be a sign of the times but whatever, we think it’s cowardly, straight up rude and not to mention totally public. (ugghhh!!) Besides, Diddy should have fired someone on Twitter first – it’s only right.  Oh behave!

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  • Tobii said:

    I concur.

  • Baby Sinead said:


  • Wow said:

    Whoa, that’s harsh but true.

  • W.A.G said:

    I don’t agree with how it was handled twitter and all. But I would read missbehave anyday over your blog!! Fact. Sorry to be rude but it’s true. You should be sorry for being hella rude too have some respect, you don’t run a magazine & dnt know exactly what’s going on!!

  • W.A.G said:

    I don’t agree with how it was handled twitter and all. But I would read missbehave anyday over your blog!! Fact. Sorry to be rude but it’s true. You should be sorry for being hella rude too have some respect, you don’t run a magazine & dnt know exactly what’s going on!!

    Ladies should support you are a hater & sounds like ur happy to put it out there that missbehave went down..

  • W.A.G said:

    I don’t agree with how it was handled twitter and all. But I would read missbehave anyday over your blog!! Fact. Sorry to be rude but it’s true. You should be sorry for being hella rude too have some respect, you don’t run a magazine & dnt know exactly what’s going on!!

    Ladies should support each other… you are a hater & sounds like ur happy to put it out there that missbehave went down..

  • feminist101 said:

    Missbehave sucked! Glad it’s finally over!

  • imelectric said:

    I love you Claw. You always keep it real. You called it from the very beginning!!

  • cherrybomb said:

    The only thing Missbehave was good for was telling white girls in middle America that gold bamboo earrings are cool(ahem, 15 years too late), which, ever since they put their stamp on them, are not anymore…
    it was started by a poser, and honestly if you think Missbehave was good, than you probably are one yourself.
    regurgitated stories, regurgitated femmed up mass appeal design inside, regurgitated fashion spreads, again and again.
    neon! shiny doc martens! fake nails! those deserve one editorial, not a whole fucking magazine.
    What could have been a DOPE magazine in theory, blowed more than the head these girls love to talk about giving.
    Can I get some cunnalingus?

  • wellwellwell said:

    @W.A.G – Claw was the fashion editor at Swindle Mag for a long time.

  • Gee said:

    Well said Claw! Missbehave–while definitely not the most ground breaking publication in the female mag market by a long shot– served a purpose (as cherrybomb noted, catering to a younger demographic of girls in the American heartlant). However, for Sam to just shut it all down without any sort of notice is completely unprofessional and just jacked up, man! Even in times like these, where silly online tools such as Twitter or Facebook are used for less-than-cost marketing and publicity, it is not an excuse to forgo professionalism! If you’re closing the mag to skip back to the 50′s and be a housewife, great for you! At least be a professional though and end things with dignity and respect for your readers who aren’t stay-at-home-mom obsessed! I don’t agree with a lot of the shit talking going on (things close, times change, people get fired– all true!), but I DO 100% agree with Claw’s assessment that overall, Missbehave failed to live up to its potential, and is now failing to live up to any sense of professional integrity. Ever heard of going out with your head held high Missbehave? Get a clue and get it together!

    Claw ain’t a hater or an instigator– thanks for speaking the truth!

  • HK Choi said:

    Ahhhh, sooo – Me no likey!

  • BEEFRESH said:

    oh the drama of it all………

  • Officer Ricky said:



  • W.A.G said:

    @ Well Well Well

  • wellwellwell said:


  • maghag said:

    That is called fashion editorial, to the genius above- don’t get it twisted.

  • maghag said:

    And check this – – Someone from her staff sent this into Gawker. Why don’t all of you Missbehave lovers ask your friend and leader Sam why she doesn’t love or care about you anymore?

  • Octomom said:

    Keep pumping out those kids Miss Be-pregnant – don’t let them tell you your hobby is more important then expanding the Moeller clan! They shall be heirs to the Mass Appeal fortune. The legacy lives, bitches!

  • JungleForce! said:

    WTF I hate that because one(fucked up) design everyone is acting like missbehave didn’t make them cream their fucking jeans yea Sam’s apparently a huge bitch but MB was a good fucking magazine so go fuck yourselfs!

  • doodoo said:

    ahahahah!!! MB made somebody cream their fucking jeans!?
    me thinks it was the brown, steamy, stinky kind of cream.

  • guess who said:

    ok let’s all fucking guess who WAG is? Please.

  • Meow said:

    messy messy messy, and now you have a story to tell so you can pull more people to this site that hardly anyone cares about.

    You didn’t have to knock em down like that but hey, at least you had SOMETHING to write about.

  • Rah Rah Sincoon Bah said:

    Yeah- that’s why gawker and jezebel link to this blog on the regular. Why are people so upset? You know you kind find played out content all over the place. Missbehave was just a cheat sheet.

  • ira said:

    I just read the letter of the email sent by Samantha Moeller to Missbehave employees that was published on Gawker. It is evident that Samantha lacks the appreciation of her employees hard work as well as the professional courtesy to lay them off properly by having a meeting and telling them in their face like a real woman and professional should. Also, it was disgusting to read her reasons outside of being pregnant, such as “I want to enjoy my summer”. Samantha doesn’t deserve her own magazine nor the responsibility to run it where people where dependent on that income. I don’t believe her “mini mogol” husband Adrian was that much of an IDIOT to create a magazine and let her inept self run it. It is no wonder such a great magazine like Mass Appeal is gone due to the Moeller’s inability to handle and manage their business properly.

  • Officer Ricky said:



  • tiny tina said:

    Let us all be real here – Samantha was totally under qualified to do anything and only enabled by the aid of her man. Run a magazine? It was more of a day camp for losers who needed a paid club house with access to free prescription drugs.

  • shredd said:

    “But unfortunately she didn’t actually write” HAHAHAH

  • Ehhhhh.... said:

    How you gonna say she didn’t write? Are you referring to Queen Vixen??? I remember in one night alone she caught like two and a half tags before she vomited in her bag and passed out. Fucking Haters!!!!!!!!!!

  • olly said:

    Ahhhh you got owned by sam via twitter…..she took your long winded hating and took you down with one sentence….dammmmmnnn TEAM SAM!

  • lucyyy said:

    hahah i saw the twitter post too. it’s the only reason i heard of this mediocre blog, sorry ladies you don’t have anything on missbehave even with its demise! sam is kind of ruling right now. anddd you might want to rethink your stance if you have a wacky broad like sinead giving you the thumbs’s like george bush calling you intelligent…not worth much..

  • Jesse James said:

    Damn this is “husband” setting the record right really quick. I don’t know how I got involved, but I just read Twitter and I wouldn’t call that shit “owned” by a long shot. For the record, she thought you were a cornball when we were together, and not much has changed. I guess that’s why you were always catching feelings, huh? And watch how you come out the side of your face with Claw, or your corny husband might get bitch-slapped in front of your kid. This is the last thing I’m gonna say, so from here on out, keep my name outta your mouth, cus you know I spazz, and we don’t want any collateral damage. Hoe to a Housewife huh? You’re still a hoe, just with a nanny and some stretch-marks.

  • laurie said:

    One less nail magazine for the white girls, boo hoo. Claw, you rule.

  • dancehallcrasher said:


    now you know that ain’t right honey. You may be a husband but you ain’t a man. You’re right about the spazz part tho.

  • april said:

    @jessejames….so she will kick a pregnant woman in the stomach…sounds like a top notch pick right there…you’re going to “spazz” on a mother of two? get a life you piece of shit. who wants what? i’d would want to see you in public and give you the beat down your sorry ass deserves. i am floored you just entertained the idea of assaulting a pregnant woman no matter what the circumstances are. i’d say have some shame but clearly that’s not going to happen. you and your bitch wife belong in fucking cages…you with a muzzle

  • claw dillz said:

    Ok ladies – really my husband was just trying to take my back – there will be no pregnant lady kicking – it was meant as hyperbole. That said – stop talking slick, you know you don’t want it. Now get off the computer and enjoy memorial day weekend…. I’m done.

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