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Why We Still Won’t Go To Topshop

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As if Topshop needed to give us another reason not to walk into their store. The New York Post is reporting that the retailer is only allowing a few shoppers at a time into their Soho store to create the appearance that their store is still packed with shoppers, the way it was on their opening day. Velvet rope treatment doesn’t agree with on the quick, lunch break buying sprees. Think it is still worth the wait?

Via: New York Post

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  • Betsey J said:

    oh they’re so ridiculous.
    I’m pretty sure everyone is going to grow bored of this nonsense.
    I mean really, who wants to wait in line for things they could just go online and buy?

  • Mark said:

    This is just a nonsense piece of journalism the NY post has cooked up. This store is extremely busy and has exceeded all sales projections by miles. The store is deliberately kept from becoming too busy in order to allow customers inside to shop properly rather than let it decend into an all out free for all and/or a health & safety issue. This is normal retail practice in cases like this as anyone with half a retail brain could tell you.

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